I see you

I see you
But you can’t see me
I watch every step you take
I’m observing you from a distance
You can’t hide
Your secrets are not safe with me
I know everything
You know why?
Because I care about you


This poem is based on an episode of ‘Black Mirror’ called Arkangel. It’s about a worried mom that puts a new device in her daughter to monitor everything she does. The ending of the episode inspired me to write this poem.

When you read the poem for the first time, it feels like a stalker would’ve written this poem. When you know the context, it puts you in a new perspective. It makes you think about the mindset of the mother and he motives behind her doing it. It’s still a creepy poem. If my mom would do something like that, I would be freaked out. Let me know what you think about the poem in the comments below.

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