Your identity is unkown
It scares me
Can I trust you?
Can you leave me alone?

Why do you terrorize me?
Why do you haunt me in my dreams?
Moving things without permission
Whispering in my ears

Every sound feels off
My heart is raising
Can’t breath normal
Can’t sleep

I can feel your presence
In this empty room
In this cold room
You are looking at me

I’m not sure why
Are you alone?
Do you want a friend?
I’m scared of you

I’m not sure if I can trust you
Maybe you are a dark spirit
That wants to possess me
And wants to terrorize others

Or maybe you are friendly
That needs me
Through all the darkness
In the night

Or maybe you are my pet
That I loved so much
That was loyal me
That needs me back

You still scare me though
I’m scared of the unknown
I’m scared of ghosts
I’m scared of you

I hear another sound
It’s another whisper
I quickly turn on music
To get things of my mind
It works a little bit
I couldn’t understand the whispers
Maybe it was all in my head
No, I’m not crazy!

Leave me alone!
Why don’t you disappear?!
I’m scared!


This poem is about my fear of ghosts. I wrote this poem at night when I thought I saw a shadow. It freaked me out so much, that I had to write it down. There is no metaphor in this poem, but if you find one let me know 😉

I’m also very fascinated by ghosts. I watched a lot of ghost hunting videos on YouTube where someone plays with an OUIJA board. Why? I don’t know :p I will never play with one of those, because they freak me out. I also don’t like horror movies because of that fear. I know that there are a lot of types of horror, but I dislike every type.

What do you think about ghosts? Do you believe in them? Or, are they just urban myths? Let me know in the comment below. See you all next week!

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