How COVID-19 affected my internship

Hello everyone and welcome to my first “Storytime” blogpost! I asked you guys on Twitter what you wanted to see with a poll. There was a tie between ‘Internship stories’ and ‘Childhood stories’, so I choose to write about my internship at Studio 8.

Studio 8 was the in-house marketing agency of the campus I went to. This marketing agency specializes in multimedia such as video and graphic design. I chose this internship, because I wanted to enhance my graphic design skills and learn more about the Adobe programs. This internship was also special, because all 17 candidates were divided into three groups that functioned as separate marketing agencies. The three teams this year were team Beyond, team Connected, and team UP2DATE of which I was a member. Feel free to follow any of the teams on their social media!

Now that you’re all UP2DATE (see what I did there πŸ˜‰ ), it’s time to tell some stories! Of course, I’m going to talk about COVID-19 because it had some huge effects on my internship.

The start of something new

I started my internship the 1st of March of 2020, and back then everything was still normal. I’ve my team mates, team Connected and my coaches in real life, and each team had its own “office”. The offices were medium-sized, white rooms with huge windows across the furthest wall. We were allowed to decorate the offices with things from home to make us feel at home. Our office was decorated with fairy lights and we had a projector that we used for presentations. We also brought extension cords because the room only had two plugs.

The first week of the internship, we had workshops almost every day. We had workshops about project management, creative thinking, and one workshop about Adobe After Effects. That same week, we had three project briefings with our clients. The week after that, COVID-19 came to Belgium and we had to go in quarantine.

The effect of the virus

The effect of the virus was immense! Every Wednesday, we were going to have weekly meet ups with the coaches to reflect on the week. These ‘Weekly Standups’ became ‘Daily Standups’ by using Microsoft Teams. If you don’t know Microsoft Teams: imagine if OneDrive and Skype would have a baby together. We already used Microsoft Teams as a OneDrive to easily share documents with each other. Now, it became even more important because the whole internship was on Microsoft Teams.

It was very surreal. One day, you sit together in the office with your team and next day you’re told that your whole internship is spent online. I kind of liked that, because I’m an introvert and I tend to be shy around other people. I was also more comfortable in my own house and most importantly: you could work in your pajamas and nobody could see that! πŸ˜€

After Easter Break a new team joined Studio 8, team Beyond. These students didn’t have an internship anymore, because those were cancelled due to COVID-19. I can’t really imagine how that must have felt like.

At the end of the internship, we went to Antwerp to film the testimonials for Dimensys. They were very welcoming and very respectful to us. It has been 2 months since I’ve seen somebody from the internship. Seeing your team mates with mouth masks on was very weird to me. Unfortunately, not everybody had the chance to go due to regulations and health risks. That day was one of the best days of the internship, because I had so much fun and I got to go out of my house.

My Thoughts

Overall, my internship was the best experience of my life! I was able to express my creativity, which I love to do. I also got to meet amazing people that helped me grow and believe in myself. My graphical skills have also improved, but I want to improve them more by studying graphic design.

Screenshot Instagram story UP2DATE

Would I recommend this kind of internship? YES! If you ever get the chance to do a similar internship like this one, you should really do it. COVID-19 didn’t really have a negative effect on the internship, which I’m glad for. If I got the chance to rewind time, I would have chosen the exact same internship.

4 thoughts on “How COVID-19 affected my internship

  1. I’m so glad I finished school and internships before Covid-19. It would have been such a challenge for me to transition to at-home learning because I just love face-to-face interaction! Even the masks make it awkward for me.

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  2. I am reading your blog from Ruwa, Zimbabwe. Great story. And you know what? My youngest daughter and I were supposed to travel to Antwerp this July for the World Choir Games. Unfortunately they were canceled due to the Covid19 pandemic! Was looking forward to experiencing Belgium.


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