Stitch by stitch, I'm sewing
Each stitch feels secure
Each stich is important
Each stitch must be perfect

Because stitches are like connections
Between the patch and the jacket
If the connection are loosing
Then, it's important to secure them again

Sometimes, you make a bad stitch
Realising it's not even anymore
Don't feel bad if that happens
Because imperfections will make it even more special

Sometimes, you accidentally make a knot
You can't go further anymore
If you tried as hard as you can
Then, it's time to use a new thread

Sometimes, a stitch can be heavy
You need to use all your strength and determination
If you still can't make the stitch
Then, you can use other ways to make the stitch

When the patch is fully done
You move on the next one
Each patch is important
Because they make you the person you are today!

Life is too short, so live it to the fullest! 

- Rory Wauters


When I was sewing some patches to my jeans jacket, I got the inspiration for this poem. You can have multiple meanings behind this poem: friendship, relationship, moving on with problems and more. Let me know in the comments what you see behind this poem!

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