The softest feeling 
The warmest feeling
If feels like drowning in
Thousand hugs
Every sip feels like a kiss
Full of passion 

The smell warms my heart
The taste feels amazing
It’s addictive
I just can’t get enough of it
It’s like you are falling in love
For the first time

Coffee gives me strength
Coffee gives me courage
Coffee gives me determination
Coffee gives me life
Coffee gives me power
Coffee is my life

- Rory Wauters


A poem about my first love: coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 8 years old. I saw my parents drinking coffee every morning, so I wanted to try that one day. My parents served me a cup of coffee with a lot of milk. I loved it immediately and I still prefer my coffee with a lot of milk. If you read the poem, you will say I have a small coffee addiction. I don’t drink it every day, but when I do drink it, I love every single sip.

I also have an urge to collect awesome coffee mugs! I bought coffee mugs on my travels and I bought coffee mugs on movies or TV shows I love. Why? I don’t know… Maybe because some of them look very badass and because I want to surround myself with things I like? If you also have a strange addiction, leave it in the comments! I really want to know what your addictions are.

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