The Last Day of June

I miss you
I wish I could bring you back
I wish there was something I could do to change the past
That you didn’t have to leave
That you would still be by my side

I miss your hugs
I miss your voice
It feels like I’m in a nightmare that would not stop
How hard I’m trying
You are still gone

I know you are watching me from above
I know you are resting in peace
I want to be with you
Even if it’s for one second

I’m sorry I couldn’t change the past
But I know you still love me
You would do the same for me
Thank you for everything

I love you


“The Last Day of June” is based on a video game called “The Last Day of June”. The game tells the story about a man that griefs the death of his wife by trying to change the past. I cried like a little baby while watching playthroughs of it. It was so impactful, that I wrote a poem about the game.

Although the poem is about the loss of a spouse, it can also be about your best friend, a family member or your beloved pet. Losing someone can be hard on everybody and I hope this poem will help you with your loss.

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