They are so nice and magical
You can have anything you want 
You can be anything you want
You can do anything you want
Nobody is going to judge you
The creation of your own paradise
It’s awesome

Sometimes they can be messed up too
Murders, monsters and more
Destroying your paradise
Haunting you
Terrorising you
It’s making you anxious
Praying to God to stop this nightmare
Screaming, shouting, crying

You wake up
Tears in your eyes
It’s scary I know but just remember

‘It was just a dream’


This is one of my favorite poems that I wrote ever. It’s my first poem in English about dreams. It’s one of my favorites, because you can interpret this poem in a lot of different ways. You can see it in the literal sense (as in good and evil dreams), but you can also see it as a poem about life, your business and much more. I also love the last sentence, because it symbolises that whatever bad thing that happens to you, you can overcome it.

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